FOX N FORESTS Brings A New Retro 2D Platformer Fighter To Modern Platforms

Retro 2D platform fighter games don't have a lot of new games coming out these days, but that doesn't mean it's dying. Not only do we have classics like MegaMan 2 that continue to live on in remakes and gear, but we have a new game launching that keep the style going! The most recent game to become available that is bringing this gameplay style back to the modern platforms of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC is Fox n Forests by publisher EuroVideo. Check out the trailer:

Playing as a mischievous fox named Rick who is given the ability to control the seasons, you will traverse through nostalgic 16-bit worlds. Use magical skills and acrobatic attacks to conquer enemies, solve puzzles, and defeat colossal bosses. It really is a game that brings one of the most popular genres of the retro game days and puts it in a whole new settings with a unique style of attacks and platforming. With this awesome new 2D platform fighter game available this May 17th on all the latest platforms, which system are you most interested in getting Fox n Forests on for yourself?