Seriously, I'm not even lying in the title. Right now Jotun is completely free on Steam and Just head to one of those two places and download it. This generosity comes just weeks before the release of Sundered, Thunder Lotus Games' next installment. While I have never actually played the game (though I intend to) it appears to be a hand drawn action-adventure game. The game released back in 2015 to mostly positive reviews, with obvious flaws in the design being pointed out, and has been getting pretty positive reviews from the community. Now I've been reading up on the game, and it appears many found the difficulty curve quite steep. So those of you who get frustrated easily might want to sit this one out. Though hey, it's free! Beggars can't be choosers, and would you really want to skip out on adding another title to your Steam Collection? You can expect this deal to end this Monday 07/17/2017.

If you end up liking the game, be sure to help small developers and pre-order Sundered. Expect more news on that game soon! I'll put a trailer to both games below. 

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