Free Lootcrates Are Coming For PUBG Players On The Xbox One


PUBG Corp. has revealed recently that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has reached over 4 million players on the Xbox One. As a treat for Xbox One fans, the developer is celebrating this milestone by giving away Battle Points for Xbox players to use on loot crates. 

Xbox One players will get a total of 30,000 Battle Points that they can use on in-game cosmetic items, given that they have purchased the game and created a character before the cut off, which will be by 12 AM PT/3 AM ET /8AM UTC on January 31. 

Veteran players of PUBG knows just how far 30,000 worth of Battle Points can go. Usually, when a player wins a solo game, they get rewarded with 1,000 BP. With 30,000 BP, players can already buy six crates in a week, that would cost around 21,700. Of course, if you want your money to go further, it would be best to wait for the weekly reset instead of buying all 6 in one week. Instead you can buy one per week and it would get you 42 boxes for your 30,000BP, however, it will take 42 weeks to do so. 

PUBG Corp is definitely changing its tune when it comes to loot crates as compared to the many controversies PUBG has faced last year with its loot crates system. Last July, fans showed their disappointment when real money keys were required to open certain crates. This outcry from fans quickly prompted a personal apology from the game’s creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. Lastly, earlier this year, PUBG has published the drop rates of certain cosmetic items in the game, that received tremendous backlash from the gaming community, which resulted to critics claiming how PUBG is crossing the line between mirco-transactions and gambling. 

How will you spend your 30,000 Battle Points from PUBG to celebrate the game reaching 4 million players on the Xbox One?