FRIDAY THE 13TH Celebrates Their Anniversary With Bonus Weekend

A games anniversary is a big moment for a development team. After the first year, you can really see if the game has flourished or died based on the active community around it. Acknowledging an active player base after launching their game last year is the same team that has announced an official single player mode for the same game.

Gun Media is celebrating the anniversary month for Friday the 13th: The Game by announcing a special event this weekend. Starting today, May 24th, at 4pm Eastern Time until the same time May 29th, Friday the 13th will have a 130% experience boost and double tape drops.

With a couple different Jason types locked to players with a level 100 and higher account, this could be a great chance for those still in the lower levels to get a small boost towards the higher level Jason's. Not to mention the fact that the tapes, which are almost non-existent on a normal basis, will actually be able to be found.

Only have found a total of three tapes myself, that will be the main focus for me to weekend. The experience boost will be a nice addition, but not the reason you will see my online. Are you excited for the bonus weekend?