FRIDAY THE 13TH New Content Has Come To An Abrupt End

With all the great news surrounding E3, it seems that we have some very unfortunate news to share as well. Despite the game reaching its one year anniversary and having announced a DLC road map for fans to see what is to come, Gun Media regrets to inform Friday the 13th: The Game fans that they can no longer bring new content to the game.

Due to a legal dispute over the movies, the further production of new content for the game has ended abruptly. This means no new maps, characters, Jason's, kills, clothing, or anything that isn't currently in the game.

The only good news about this situation is that the developers aren't giving up on the community. They have promised to continue to create dedicated servers for players to continue playing the game, fix any new or existing bugs, and giving players the best experience they can with the content currently available.

At least we already got the single player update that gives us some more gameplay options when offline. If you want to read the full Devlog update about this, click here.

We hope you aren't too upset about this unfortunate announcement. What are your thoughts on further content being shut down due to a lawsuit?