FRIDAY THE 13TH Releases A Weird Purple Jason And Announce Double XP Weekend

Friday the 13th by Gun Media got off to a really rough start when they launched. From problems with all platforms having server connection issues to major glitches that make the game unfair or unplayable, but they have been patching this up over the month since launch. I still stand by the score I gave Friday the 13th, but am happy to see they are giving something to the players who stuck around even through the mess!

Releasing today are two sets of new outfits for each counselor, 13k CP to spend on whatever you wish, and a weird blue and purple Jason they are called "Retro Jason," which I hope will have a special kill or two of its own! On top of this, they are having a double XP weekend starting June 23-25!

In their own words, here's the apologetic announcement trailer: