Funko Announces PORTAL 2 And TEAM FORTRESS 2 Pop! Series Launch For Their 10 Year Anniversary

Portal and TF2 Pop!s.jpg

The lastest variety of collectible character toys is easily provided by Funko. Reaching their 10 year anniversary, they are bringing out some new Pop!'s for gamers to build their collection with!

This October we can expect to see characters from both Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2 hitting the shelves and getting sold out! Being a huge fan of both Valve games, I can't wait to add these guys to my collection! Not to mention it being the same month they will be launching Horizon Zero Dawn Pop!'s as well!

I'm more excited in the Portal 2 collection, since it is my favorite of all Valve's game franchises, and the set has everyone, other than Wheatley and Glad0s, that I hoped for:

I guess I would be more excited if my character of choice, Sniper, was also included, but it is interesting to see that the Team Fortress 2 character roster falls short and only includes:

Either way, I'm going to need to make space between my near complete Harry Potter collection and completed Pac-Man set to make room for the coming additions! Which set are you looking forward to collecting most? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pre-order your Pop Vinyl by clicking the links above. 

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