Further Down the Futuristic Rabbit Hole with ALICE VR

When the buzz behind Oculus Rift and various VR devices began, many people began to consider how to make it relevant in games. People brought up the question of why we should actually care about it. Questions were raised about what could separate it from the Virtual Boy-esque concepts we’ve seen come and go in the past. I’m sure that time will eventually show that some of these concepts will be executed better than others. One thing that seems to be the case is that the visuals are the foundation for building these immersive environments. 

Carbon Studio’s ALICE VR places you in an uninhabited sci-fi world inspired by the mind-bending concepts of Alice in Wonderland, playing with your perspective and sense of grounding. Navigation is key to solving the puzzles that will allow you to advance and piece the story together on why this planet became uninhabited.

Built in Unreal Engine 4, you can see great consideration has been taken in crafting this fascinating alien landscape. From futuristic urban warehouse settings to gorgeous desert scenes, the artwork behind this project is some of the most gorgeous material I’ve seen in an upcoming VR project.

Watch ALICE VR's latest gameplay trailer below:

Find out more at ALICE-VR.com

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