FUTUREGRIND Looks Nuts In The Latest Trailer!

Imagine a platformer that lets you jump on the top and bottom of obstacles which are either deadly or life-saving depending on which foot you land on. Then imagine it being fast paced with a dash of chaos, skill and luck. This is FutureGrind.

A simple stunt sport game to some extent. But by simple, I mean the idea is simple, get to the end of the level by jumping from platform to platform while matching your “bike’s” wheel color to the platform. But the gameplay, as seen in its latest trailer, looks like a mad, chaotic ride of trial and error and many, many crazy attempts. The game boasts a wonderful soundtrack, beautiful visuals and addicting gameplay.

The game is set in the future as you are an upcoming sports star getting endorsed by various companies to use their variety of bikes. As shown in the trailer, not everything is as it seems as some of these corporations may have nefarious motivations of employing you.

The soundtrack is made by indie artist bignic, who has made other game soundtracks and is sure to pump out some surprisingly good tunes in this game. Get ready for ludicrous stunts, addictive gameplay and plenty of challenge from this title with sick tunes and popping colors. FutureGrind released on January 22nd and looks to be a fun way to hone your skills as a future stunt sports star.