Game Leaker Says NO MAN'S SKY Can Be Completed In 30 Hours

The game that was reported to have "100's of hours of gameplay" appears to be able to be completed in just about 30 hours. This news comes from Redditor Daymeeuhn who first made news paying $2500 for a leaked copy of No Man's Sky last week. Daymeeuhn reports that using a widely found resource, players can farm and have enough warp to reach the game's center universe in just about 30 hours.

Most people would be fine with that if it wasn't for the development team boasting the game's endless scale and how long it would take you to reach the center. Many players accused the player of "rushing to the middle" and ignoring a bulk of the game, to which he responded that he's done a bulk of what the game has to offer in addition to his accomplishment.

What's important here is that Daymeeuhn is not trashing the game, but rather trying to urge the development team to "nerf" the resource that allowed him to reach the center so easily. Considering how ruffled people are getting about the issue, I think it's best for Sean Murray and Hello games to listen!