GameCube Component Cables From Insurrection Industries Are Now Available!

carby component cables.jpg

Hello my fellow retro gamers, today is a good day for all GameCube fans who have wanted to get the best video quality out of their consoles on a CRT without breaking the $100 price barrier. Insurrection industries has just released the component video version of their popular Carby. These cables are built with high quality shielding and materials to provide the best quality available on the market. One cool aspect of the design of the Component Cable Carby is that it can be used on both BNC and RCA displays with included high quality adapters Insurrection Industries is including in the box. The Component Cable Carby is available now for $89.50.

Component Cable Carby features:

Utilizes a custom version of GCvideo by Ingo Korb

Utilizes a custom, high-quality, metal-shielded digital video connector providing a secure and reliable connection to your GameCube

Utilizes custom 1.9 meter (~6 foot), premium-quality, double shielded, 75Ω coaxial cable that is terminated with 75Ω BNC connectors for the highest quality and most secure connection to professional video equipment

Includes custom 75Ω BNC-to-RCA converters for total compatibility with consumer component video devices

Comes with a precision-molded “infrared black” polycarbonate shell

Compatible with model “DOL-001” GameCube consoles, which have the digital video port

Allows access to the analog output of the GameCube for stereo audio using a standard Nintendo AV cable (not included)

Will output the native resolution of the GameCube, including standard NTSC and PAL resolutions, and will enable 480p mode for compatible games and regions

One-year warranty with repair or replacement of any device found to be defective due to manufacturing defect

Anyone who wants to get the most out of their GameCube while using a CRT hasn’t had too many options for the last few years. The official Nintendo component cables can run anywhere between $200-$350 at any given time. EON’s GCHD MKII has offered component video support alongside HDMI but the $150 price tag has been a bit off-putting to some. With today’s release the GameCube finally has an analog option that can be enjoyed without completely breaking the bank! If you are interested in picking up a Carby you can do so with the link above or through CastleMania Games.