Gameplay For JUMANJI: THE VIDEO GAME Revealed In Latest Trailer

A few months back we got the announcement that Sony Pictures is having their latest version of Jumanji turned into a video game. Now, Outright Games, the publishers that are aiding Funsolve who is in charge of the games development, have released a new trailer that features many of the gameplay aspects we can expect. Showing off a mixture of fighting and trap maneuvering, it seems that we are getting a game that will properly represent the movie series!

Even though the trailer itself is pretty short, I like how it shows that the different character choices will have different fighting styles. The unique movements are sure to play a role in player style preference. Not to mention the various gun fighting moments shown off. From a large variety of enemies to the various traps we will have to properly time our way through, it looks like a game that will be a somewhat challenging title.

Check out the trailer for yourself and see what Jumanji: The Video Game has to offer. Although it stated November 15th in the initial reveal, it has been moved up a week and is now set to launch on November 8th for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. What do you think of Jumanji’s upcoming video game adaptation?