Gameplay of GREEDFALL Gives Us Hope!

Focus Home Interactive has released almost fifteen minutes of gameplay for the upcoming GreedFall. Anticipation for the game ramps up as more and more details emerge. The short segment above proves that we’ve got a lot to look forward to when GreedFall releases in two weeks.

While information has been steadily arriving for the exciting title, the playthrough shows us the depth of the game. During a small quest to search for an expedition, much of the game’s mechanics are on display. A skill tree divided into three areas lets players build a custom style that works for them. There are traditional combat skills, magical attacks, and tactical abilities that create so many possibilities. Plenty of games allow you to navigate a game through a particular skillset, but GreedFall looks quite balanced in shifting between different styles of attack.

Another intriguing element that appears well-developed in the RPG is the band of companions that travels with you. The player can have two of these companions follow the protagonist at any time. Who you choose to bring along will determine how you approach combat, and it will also influence how quests or encounters play out as the allies react differently based off their history and their dispositions. The companions you have and the character you set out to create will produce an entirely unique playthrough of the game, which encourages players to return to the world more than once.

Everything looks fun. The combat is engaging, with what might be one of the most practical magic-user classes we’ve seen before. And the shifting conversations and reactions of your troupe will certainly leave us wanting to play more.

GreedFall releases on September 10th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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