Games To Get: Be A Master Of The Seasons With SEASONS AFTER FALL

Fast Facts

Game Title: Seasons After Fall

Genre: Puzzle/Platformer

Platform: PC/Mac

Price: $14.99 (Currently $12.74 Through September 15th)

Why You Should Get It

I didn't know what the f*** I was getting into at the beginning of Seasons After Fall. I start the game as an orb of light flying through nothingness and I'm like "wtf I thought this game was about a fox" and BOOM I'm in the real world. After you surface you learn you are a "little seed" and it's your job to get the power of the seasons from the Guardians. You aren't entirely sure why but you need a fox to traverse the woods so you possess it and go about your day. Really I'm just hitting on this story's ambiguous nature because starting out you'll be going through the motions questioning why and it won't begin to make sense until about midway through so keep that in mind.

This is a puzzle/platforming game in which you control various seasons to complete puzzles. As with most puzzle games, they start off easy and then increase in difficulty as you obtain more power of the seasons. For example, Mushrooms only bloom in Fall so you'll need to be in fall to reach a platform...but then you need to get to the next area so you bring up Winter to freeze the water so you can run across it.

The art style of this game is phenomenal. I got goosebumps the first time I changed seasons as it blew my mind how radically the scenery changed, plus, that pulse effect is super cool! This is definitely a game you pick up if you're a graphics goon. 

The gameplay involves a lot of back and forth between areas, but each area tends to enhance and surprise you as you return with new power. It's crazy how a simple area you visit early in the game has a path to a mid-game right above just need the power to get there!

For the price it's at right now, I say definitely pick this one up and give it a playthrough. 


Seasons After Fall features a Fox that has power over the seasons. It's visually stunning and challenging puzzle platforming at it's best.