Games To Get: DUKE NUKEM 3D WORLD TOUR 20th Anniversary Is A Treasure To All Fans Of FPS

Fast Facts

Game Title: Duke Nukem 3D World Tour 20th Anniversary Edition

Genre: Retro FPS

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $19.99 

Why You Should Get It

This is a game you pick up as a lover of the FPS genre. Whether you played Duke Nukem back in the day, or this is your inaugural run there's something for everyone in this game. While the game is a remake of the original Duke Nukem 3D World Tour, there's tons of new features and content for fans to munch on (especially on PC). This includes a completely new playable episode created by the original level designers Allen Blum III and Richard Gray.

The new episode lives up to the classic Duke style as he goes on an Alien themed run throughout his world. The new levels add some elements (including a new weapon "The Incinerator"), but for the most part, this is the classic Duke Nukem you know and love. That also means it's hard as hell. 

Seriously I forgot how hard retro FPS games can be! Luckily, Gearbox was way ahead of us and adds a feature for the player to rewind their playthrough if they should choose to any point prior to their death. This is an incredibly helpful feature as you'll see I died a shit ton in my playthrough. I've since gotten a bit better (and decreased the difficulty) and it's still pretty damn hard on easy mode but I'm making it through! 

Something I've seen other people gripe about is the price point. Something I've noticed is most of those people griping seem to be the ones who are reviewing the game on the console. If you buy this game, I highly recommend the PC version. Not only does it offer everything the console version does, but it includes the added bonus of community levels which already contain a large amount of contributors who've stuck with the game since it's release. I've had just as much fun playing community levels as I have actual levels. 

I can't speak for the online multiplayer, but I know that it is a thing and that it does exist. So far I haven't been able to find a match so I'm not sure how big the community is on it (at least on PC). 

The graphics are enhanced, Duke's original voice actor came back and did some more voice work, and if you really want to switch back to the classical style of play you can do so with the push of a button. I did it a couple times for the novelty, but the remaster is a remaster for a reason. Overall this is about the best remaster I've seen for a game. If you're on the fence let me assure you in saying you will be getting the bang for your buck with this one. 


Duke is back and has new content, dialogue, and fun for you to enjoy. Buy it on PC and you'll have a plethora of extra content to enjoy from the dedicated community as well.