Games To Get: SMASH + GRAB Is Team Based Looting And Mayhem

Fast Facts

Game Title: Smash + Grab

Genre: Team-Based, MOBAesque, Competitive

Platform: PC

Price: $16.99 Through October 3rd

Why You Should Get It

I should note that when I tried to Stream this game on our Facebook a couple days ago, people were not happy about it. There was a pretty vocal group criticizing the controversial nature of a game that promotes rioting and looting given the current state of events in the United States...

Smash + Grab has absolutely nothing to do with that. The game takes place in the dystopian corporate future, where rival gangs steal and loot from "the man" to find infamy within their ranks. There's no political message here. Just the average video game trying to bring something fun to the table!

Visually the game looks like if Nicolas Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon) directed a reboot of The Warriors. The soundtrack helps that comparison greatly with its minimalist EDM style.

Players start out each match on a 3 man team. Each player has his character, a right-hand man of sorts, and three faceless goons to help you as you loot about town. Players then work together to loot the 3 laned locations on the map before the other team can get to them. 

Eventually, you'll collide with a member of the opposing team, and things will get messy. You can go about this one of two ways. You can attack the goons first and force the team leader to flee while you take their stuff or chase them down, or you can take on the leader first and hope the numbers don't turn on you. A lot of your success seems to come down to the buffs and mods your team has to their weapons.

That's why you see me getting my ass handed to me in the video below. 

The game is still in Early-Access but already I've seen vast improvements from what I experienced day 1. There are still a couple glitches, but not so many that it'll affect your game in any meaningful way. 

If I had to give this game a label I'd brand it as an "entry-level MOBA" and that's not a bad thing at all. With the genre really taking off, it can be daunting for newcomers to jump in and learn the mechanics. This one allows you to turn your brain off a bit and not be concerned with your skills and items. It also helps people focus on the objective which is a dream. 

If you're someone who's looking for some new fun in the MOBA world, give this one a shot. It may not overtake your favorite game, but it'll be one you'll find yourself coming back to. 


No this game isn't making a statement, nor is it offensive. It's just an entry-level MOBA experience for people who want to get better at the genre or not try to juggle as much and just have fun.