Fast Facts

Game Name: Strike Vector EX (console remaster of 2014 PC game Strike Vector)

Genre: Arena Based Space Shooter

Platform: PS4

Price: $14.99

Release: August 30th

Why You Should Get It

With Star Fox Wii U being a disappointment and No Man's Sky space battles leaving something to be desired, there's a real itch to scratch for a good space shooter in 2016. Hilariously enough, it comes in the form of a 2014 remaster.

First off let's talk about what's changed between the original (which was given mixed reviews) and the new console version. PS4 users can expect 1080p graphics at 60 FPS for a remarkably smooth flying experience. There's also been an extensive additon of customization where users can change weapons, paint, and parts all without dropping money on a microtransaction! Gotta love hearing that in 2016. Supposedly there's over 10,000 different customization options. 

Far and away the best part of this game is it's multiplayer. Every mode you could imagine in a typical arena based shooter is up for grabs here...and it works wonderfully!

A lot of this in in large part to the level design, and flying mechanics of the game. In Strike Vector, players can go from 0 to "Holy s***" back to 0 on a dime. While this isn't really scientifically accurate, it does allow you zip around corners and hide waiting for your enemy to fly past you so you can get the kill. 

Flying controls are about as responsive as you could want! Many times I've found myself able to thread the needle at high speeds with ease and felt like a space cowboy doing so. Of course, as you'll see in the video, I've also went face first into some walls a couple times as well...but that's part of the fun. All in all the game is pretty forgiving if you happen to clip a wall while flying and will only take a small chunk of your health when you do. Only direct collisions result in instant death. 

You get 15 maps that all work really well with the game modes and up to 12 players per match. Seeing as the game doesn't release until August 30th I've been playing with mostly bots, but I've had a blast nonetheless. 

The campaign?! Laughably cheesy, but it's the same type of cheese that makes a game like Star Fox iconic. You fight for the bad guys, then you leave for the good guys almost instantly. All this is helmed by some voice acting that would make the team behind the NBA 2k story mode cringe. I lost it when playing when my teammate pronounced "Adios" as "ah dee ahsss" (campaign video around the 5:11 mark).


While it's campaign could be better (story wise), the multiplayer in this game more than makes up for it. I see this one being an easy purchase for people who've been waiting for a good space shooter on consoles.