GameTyrant Spends Half A Million on Nearly 10K SQFT Gaming Center


Just over a year ago, GameTyrant Gaming Center debuted their first Gaming Center in North Salt Lake. Since then, they have held tournaments every weekend, and been a gaming hangout for thousands of people in the area. One of the biggest issues was lack of space. Events like Counter-Strike and Super Smash Bros would consistently fill the center to the brim.

On December 29th, 2017, GameTyrant Gaming Center will open its door to their new digs. With over $500,000 invested in this place, you will find that the new center was built with gamers in mind. Fiber internet is one of its strong suits. Feel free to download, play, and stream without trouble. 30 PC's will be available, as well as 2 Virtual Reality rooms. GameTyrant also has, PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones.

The previously mentioned issue of space shouldn't be a large factor going forward. Its nearly 10,000 sqft. The Grand Opening allows gamers to check out the facility for free and will take place on December 29th from 12pm-Midnight. On December 30th from Midnight-4pm, there is an optional $10 lock-in. You can use GameTyrant's PCs, or you can BYOC too.


Activities for the Grand Opening include a oversized Jenga Tournament, Super Smash Bros Tournament, and LOTS of giveaways. In fact, every hour, GameTyrant Gaming Center will give away a Viper headset, Raidmax PC Case, WD Blue 4TB internal HDD, and more. The event will bring gamers and families from all over, so get there early if you plan to attend. The first 100 attendees will receive a 5hr gaming gift card for GameTyrant as well. RSVP on GameTyrant Gaming Center's event page.

GameTyrant Gaming Center wants to continue to build its brand and hopefully branch out. Building this franchise will take some time, but with how popular gaming meetups are becoming, it shouldn't take too long for these centers to start popping up around the globe. I was able to visit and get some pictures early last week. It looks awesome. Take a look at some of the pictures below. This was while they were still building. The place is nearly complete now, but this place is huge!

Would you like to see a GameTyrant Gaming Center in your town? What do you think is a must for a Gaming Center to be successful these days? For information on pricing, check the GameTyrant Gaming Center Website here:

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