GameTyrant STREET FIGHTER V May Tournament — Winners and Photos

Saturday, May 14th GameTyrant hosted it's 3rd tournament for Street Fighter V in North Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks to Monster Energy drink that provided free drinks to all players and spectators. Our next Street Fighter V, Utah tournament will be on June 4th, 2016 join the Facebook event for updates and details.

The live stream has over 3K views on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube during the tournament and subsequent replays. #gtsfv got 877K social impressions on Twitter. We are hoping during the next tournament to hit 1M social impressions.

Tournament Winners

1st Place — Renzo @801iperu
2nd Place — Koefficient
3rd Place — Mario Castenada
4th Place — Jeff Gamoneda @feng_shui_j

GameTyrant Street Fighter V Tournament Photos


Final Brackets

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