3 Days Left for Dota 2 Amateur sign ups!

by Former GT Staff Writer

We are less than a week away from the start of first GameTyrant National Amateur Open Dota 2 Tournament.

With a prize pool of $200 (still growing), over $500 in gear for winners, and also a live stream of this exciting 2 day event.  We are counting down the days to see some awesome Dota 2 matches.

If you still have not registered please do before the deadline of October 31st, 11:59 PM and clicking here on this link http://mobaesportsgaming.com/  Group Stage games will begin November 5th and Grand Finals will be November 6th.  Captains will be contacted to join the GameTyrant Discord channel to schedule matches.

You must register as a full team of 5, entry fee is $25.00 per team.  During the day of the event, matches will be streamed through GameTyrant's and the cool cats at MOBA eSports Gaming's twitch streams. We'll be giving away random goodies during the livestreams so if you're in the mood to watch please join us and see what awesome talent NA Dota has to offer. 

Giveaways are from the excellent sponsors at ZOWIE and AZIO . We also have the legendary Chains of Black Death Pudge set for the winners courtesy of :3

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