GameTyrant's Not-So-Game of the Year Award

Not-So-Game of the Year award.png

With the recent celebrations and achievement awards given out at The Game Awards 2017 this past weekend, it is time to chose this past years Not-So-Game of the Year. For the year of 2017, the winner of this prestigious award goes to...

For Honor.jpg

After looking over the options for 2017, excluding indie games, we feel that the most suited title was in fact For Honor by Ubisoft. Although it received good reviews, had a unique fighting styled gameplay, multiple modes, and a lot of hype leading up to its launch, the game lacked in a few aspects that crushed its own community.

Following the launch, the community quickly found that there was a large imbalance between the classes and, even with the new characters added, it seemed like the game was not ready to launch just yet. It even got bad enough for players to consider boycotting the game! It required a large patch to fix, but by the time Ubisoft could even start to work on the issue they were losing players. It wasn't long before reports of 75% of the For Honor community dropping out, killing off the online experience like they used to kill foes in-game.

Despite creating a fun concept that had a well-received open demo, the game lost all credibility and appeal to its own community in months. So, with this said, we feel that we have chosen the most appropriate winner for GameTyrant's Not-So-Game of the Year Award.

Do you agree with our choice or do you have a more fitting choice in mind? Let us know in the comments!