Gametyrant's Top 3 Game of the Year Nominees


We all know the official nominations made for the official Game of the Year award for The Game Awards 2017. In light of that, who is truly most likely to win the number one spot? After talking it over with the team, we have chosen our Top 3 Game of the Year Nominees in order of who we believe is most likely to win.

Top Nominee:

To no surprise, and already stated as our prediction, the most likely candidate to win this years Game of the Year award is going to be Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Nintendo.

With an expansive, open world that was unlike any of the previous Zelda games yet the familiarity of the classic title, Breath of the Wild brought a new light to the Zelda series that new and old fans can appreciate. Hours of entertainment, millions of players, top reviews, and intriguing gameplay all come from this one title and is more than a well deserved candidate to earn the title of 2017's Game of the Year.

Runner Up Nominee:

With an extremely close run in our poll, falling short of first place by only one vote, is Super Mario Odyssey by Nintendo.

Bringing out a new mechanic by bringing the hat to life while still providing the mix of world styles that have been known to be in all the Mario games before it, and doing so without slightly even hurting the gameplay has brought new fans and entertained the classic fans as well. Known as a challenging platformer style game ever since it's initial launch in 1985, they maintained the claim by adding challenging moments that required the hat. It wouldn't come as too much of a surprise if Super Mario Odyssey is the victor of Game of the Year 2017.

Final Nominee:

Our last choice for the game that deserves to be Game of the Year 2017, if able to beat Nintendo to the claim, is Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games.

Bringing us into a whole new world and getting thousands of players to immerse themselves into the shoes of Aloy, our outcast huntress who is fighting against the robots that have overrun the world. With exciting gameplay, intense situations, and interesting story, Horizon Zero Dawn is a very strong candidate to steal the Game of the Year award from Nintendo for 2017. And if you ask us, bravo Guerrilla Games. You guys earned it.

Do you agree with our Top 3 Nominees list for 2017's Game of the Year award? If not, who were you hoping will win?