GAMING IN 4K: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Goes Open World

Let's just go ahead and say it. The SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR series has always been a good little guilty pleasure but not much more than that. The folks at CI Games are going top notch in the quality department and even better, making this game much more fitting by making it an open world design. BOOM! HEADSHOT!

The graphics and animation are stunning...

Instead of just sniping easily targets that are lined up little linear pretty little maids, you actual jump from cars, to safe house, to blasting peeps up with a variety of gear and gadgets, even drones. We haven't spent a ton of time with the game yet but so far, things are looking up and we can't wait to explore more.

There is a Beta event this weekend. You can check it out here!

This safe house is loaded with sweet gear. The sometimes over cluttered GUI and motion is not so sweet. #DeathToMotionBlur