Gaming in 4K — What We're Playing (and Loving) This Week

Black Desert Online
Available Now

With the recent announcement of over 400,000 copies sold (!) and a nasty full screen bug finally fixed, we are digging our heels into the huge world of BDO and absolutely loving it. Sure, the interface leaves a lot to be desired but the combat is solid, content is immense, and as you can see, the graphics can be absolutely stunning. If you are hankering for a new MMORPG, this might just fit the bill.

Cold Darkness Awakens DLC
Available Now

Ahhhhh... RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER, how we do truly love thee! With the latest batch of DLC, we go horror-esque once again with something that I can only compare to RESIDENT EVIL in the bleak, freezing tundra from the game. While I am not too keen on the completely separate game mode that is presented here, it's still a freaky adventure that is stunning in it's full graphical glory. Not as gripping as BABA YAGA but still a solid outing for Lara fans, like, me... and you.

Project CARS
Available Now

Click on that screenshot above. I dare ya, no, I triple dog dare you! Yes folks, as soon as you play games like PROJECT CARS in 4K @ 60 FPS, you are forever spoiled. Apart from an avalanche of content and cars to drive, just witnessing and tinkering with the weather, huge array of tracks, and replays is worth the price of admission. My days of driving fast cars are over in RL and the mini van has taken over, alas, one can relive a whole other life through a game like this. Can't wait for the Oculus to arrive for this bad boy...

Early Access

Well, here is a game that totally took me by surprise. Though still in Early Access, this game is shaping up to be something extremely special. In the beginning, it feels like it may possibly be just another walking simulator but as you progress through the story and puzzles, something else is taking place in this frozen world. A huge variety of items, crafting, and other goodies await. I can't wait to see where this ends up and takes us along the way. 

Street Fighter V
Available Now

Last, but certainly not least, I am happy to report that STREET FIGHTER V is finally shaping up to be what we'd all wished and hoped for! Don't get me started on the pricing of the product or the disaster of a launch but now, things are looking up for the game. The newest character, Alex, is a beefy blast to play but mostly, online play, scoring, and latency have all greatly improved in the past several weeks. While I think the Season Pass idea is a bit heavy handed with all the issues gamers have faced, it's definitely improving and I'm having an absolute blast!