Gather Friends To Fight Together In TRIBES OF MIDGARD


The typical approach to a top-down viewed game that lets players work cooperatively together to fight hordes of enemies is to give them RPG elements and characters. The developers over at Norsfell have come up with a new approach to the top down cooperative gameplay and put it together in their latest upcoming game Tribes of Midgard! Instead of basing the gameplay around magic, special abilities, and all the typical styles you would expect, they have given players the skills of hack ‘n’ slash gameplay for up players to survive hordes together with.

Each game session can hold up to 10 players to work cooperatively together in order to fight Giants during Ragnarök. This survival cooperative game hosts multiple open betas for players to try out the game and the next time it briefly opens back up to the mortal plane to be playable again is September 5th through the 9th. Once that time comes, players will get another chance to defend Midgard from the Giants of Jotunheim as they cross the human world to wage war on the Gods!

This game includes some all of the following features, even in its beta state:

  • A leveling system that carries over from world to world

  • A new tech tree to permanently unlock skills

  • Selectable difficulty levels

  • A community chest for loot sharing 

  • New items, enemies and landmarks

Check out the trailer and see if Tribes of Midgard is worth checking out next time they open their beta up to players on Steam: