Gear Review: Nyko Type Pad for PS4

Gear Review: Nyko Type for PS4

Gear Review: Nyko Type for PS4

Nyko has become one of the most prominent accessory makers on the market today.  I have been having a lot of fun tinkering around with the Type Pad for PlayStation 4.  For me, where it really shines is not where you might think!

Specs and Special Features

The Type Pad is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that attaches to the bottom of your DualShock 4.  All the keys you could want on a miniature keyboard are here, they even glow in the dark to make using the Type pad at night easier, and the “@” and “.com” shortcuts are handy for typing logins.  Having a built-in battery allows the Type Pad to function without draining the life out of your controller.  The included micro USB port allows you to charge the Type Pad and your DualShock 4 without needing to use two USB ports on your PS4.  To further help with battery conservation, a power switch has been included so you can turn the keyboard off when not in use.  Since the Type Pad attaches to the bottom of your DualShock 4 it does block the headset port.  Thankfully Nyko included a headset pass-through port on the bottom of the Type Pad to keep headset functionality and for those who just want to hear what’s going on in chat a speaker has been included on the bottom side of the unit.  The final feature of the Type Pad is the inclusion of a directional stick for menu navigation.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The Type Pad firmly attaches to the bottom of the DualShock 4 with no wiggle or give.  The unit is built with textured plastic to increase grip and feels very sturdy.  While the keys may feel squishy they were responsive and I could type in product codes and websites with ease.  Pairing the Type Pad is interesting, as you need to press the sync button, choose the type pad in your system settings, type a given passkey on the Type Pad itself, and then press enter.

An Extreme Case

So, always looking for ways to use products in non-intended ways, I decided to hook the Type Pad up to my PC.  I have a small HTPC sized gaming PC that I use on my TV and am always looking for a way to cut it free from a keyboard and mouse.  I have a custom DualShock 4 controller driver that lets me use the touch pad as a mouse pointer but had yet to find a suitable keyboard replacement.  Being a Bluetooth keyboard I was able to sync the Type Pad right up and begin messing around with it.  With the combination of Steams new ability to custom map controls on any game and the Type Pad I tested the PC version of Mass Effect.  Being able to have a controller for movement and combat with the ability to still have shortcut keys for techniques is the best experience I have ever had on this game on PC.  The directional stick also acts as a mouse scroll wheel on web pages which fixes the loss of scrolling when not using a real mouse.  I think that the combination of a DualShock 4 and the Nyko Type Pad has finally solved the all-in-one solution I’ve been looking for!

What it could do better

The glow in the dark keys while passable are a poor substitute for true back-lit keys.  The direction stick is also practically useless on a PS4 as the DualShock 4 control sticks can perform the same functions.  While the included battery on the Type Pad lets you use it without draining the limited life out of your DualShock 4s, I would have personally preferred a model that runs off the controller to eliminate the need for the power switch and micro USB port.  The final design choice I do not fully understand is the inclusion of the speaker to hear chat.  If I am personally invested enough into hearing what is going on in chat I am going to be wearing a headset so I can talk back.


While the Type Pad is useful for entering product keys and browsing the web on a PS4, I really don’t see myself using it frequently.  Where the Type Pad really shines is as a Bluetooth keyboard for PC.  Being able to have a small all-in-one solution to completely utilize a HTPC attached to the living room TV is incredible.  Regardless of how you intend to use the Type Pad the $12.99 price tag is more than worth the functionality.

The Type Pad was provided for this review by Nyko.