GEARS 5 Will Be The Biggest Gears Yet With New Operations System

In this day and age of excessive micro-transactions and unfulfilled promises from game developers, it is nice to see The Coalition actually listen to their community and change the way they do post launch content with Gears 5. The operations system will reward you for time played, and will introduce free content every three months. Every operation will include brand new characters, maps, modes, and other customization options, all of witch are free!

Ranked isn’t left alone in the complete re-vamp of post launch content. The brand new leader-board system allows you to check your rank progression, as well as adds the new Masters rank for the best of the best. Supply drops are introduced with the operations system as well, but not quite like you are used to. As you play Gears 5, you will earn supply points. After obtaining enough points, you will unlock a drop. Drops feature customization options like, skins, blood sprays, emotes, executions, and so much more.

Every operation will feature a new “Tour of Duty”. By completing daily and weekly challenges, you can earn stars and level up your Tour of Duty rank. The more higher your rank is, the more content you earn. You can watch the video that explains everything covered here in more detail below.

Gears 5 is slated for, the ever closer, September 6th release date for those that purchased the Ultimate Edition, or subscribers of the Ultimate Game Pass. The game will be released four days after for those that purchase the standard edition. What do you think of the post launch system they have in place? Let me know in the comments!