GEARS OF WAR 5 Box Art Leaked Along With Potential Release Date

Gears of War 5 might be arriving earlier than we expected! A leak from a Taiwanese ratings board has gifted us cover art of the next Gears of War title. The leak was first spotted by the site Generacion Xbox, who claim that another unidentified source says that Gears 5 could be released as soon as September 10th, 2019. These leaks could be completely false, but the art does look pretty convincing.


The art has Kait in the center holding her grandmother’s medallion that features a Locust symbol, as revealed at the end of Gears 4. The Coalition has come out and said before that Kait will be the main protagonist in the Gears 5 campaign to explore “her family ties to the Locusts”, so her being presented on the art like this makes sense. Marcus Fenix, along with JD, Del and everyone’s favorite little robot, Jack, are on her left. Queen Myrrah, as well as some other baddies are on her right. Myrrah was killed in Gears 3, so she might just be in flashbacks, or she isn't as dead as she might seem.

Gears 5 will most certainly be at E3 2019 this June, so we don't have to wait a terribly long time to see if any of this information is true. If it is, we will most likely be seeing this box art, along with tons more information regarding the game during Microsoft’s presentation. Immediately after E3, we will get the multiplayer reveal on June 14th.

What are you guys the most excited for in this next installment? Campaign, Multiplayer, or Horde? Do you think we will hear more about Gears Pop and Gears Tactics? Let me know in the comments!