GEN CON 2016: RICK AND MORTY BOX O MEESEEKS Is An Awesomely Raunchy Party Game

It seems like everything Rick and Morty touches turns to gold, and Rick and Morty's Box O Meeseeks is no exception. The game itself is based off of one of the show's more popular episodes featuring the blue race of creatures who exist only to serve and die...

The Rules

At the beginning of the game the player flips a request for their turn. On each card is a required dice roll the player must get to complete a "task". The cards will read things like "perform a better blow job" or "open heart surgery on a horse". The player gets one dice roll on their turn to see if they can meet the requirements. If they fail, they must push the Mr. Meeseeks box (which actually provides Meeseeks quotes when you press it) and draw a Meeseeks card for help. The Meeseeks cards usually provide some sort of power that you can use to help you accomplish your task, but may not always be helpful in what you're doing. After you draw a Meeseeks, you then draw a Dare card which will win you victory points depending on how low you're willing to stoop. There's some raunchy stuff they'll ask you but more on that later.

A player cannot draw more requests until the initial request is completed and must continue to get more Meeseeks until the task is finished. Say your card is worth 3 victory points and you have 4 Meeseeks (essentially one meeseeks over your victory points and beyond warrants attack) then have to worry about the Meeseeks killing you and must roll the dice to see if they damage you at the end of your turn. Every 6 you roll on that phase will count as damage toward your life. Each player has 5 life tokens and will gain a life (up to five) with every completed request.  Completing a request also kills every Meeseeks that was attached to your request...just like the show! The game ends when you reach the agreed amount of points.


This is a game you either play with friends or complete strangers because it can get uncomfortably hilarious fast! Dares are optional, but award victory points so depending on how competitive you are you may find yourself sharing a lot of stuff with your team. Here are some of the cards that came up in our game...

  • In 30 seconds, tell the group about your first sexual experience
  • Stand up and vigorously scratch your crotch and butt for 30 seconds
  • For 30 seconds, select a player and talk about the alternate universe in which you two are soulmates.
  • For 30 seconds, describe how you would best insert the pit of an avocado into your own anus.

Obviously, these are some things that I wouldn't want to be telling my siblings or parents, but with friends or randoms it's a blast! Everyone at my table was laughing the entire time we played. The game is a bit on the expensive side, but provided you have the right audience it's worth the money for sure and a definite collectors item. Pick it up right here.