GENERATION ZERO Preview: Co-op Survival, Robots, 80's and Exploration...and More!


Who is ready for a blender full of genres for a co-op retro invasion shooter survival game? Generation Zero by Avalanche Studios is an open-world survival game that can be played as a loner or with a team of four. This game sets its players in Sweden, 1989 after coming back from an island excursion to find the mainland void of people and overrun with strange robots.

The game looks to be a covert survival game that applauds and rewards players when using their brains as much as their brawn to take down these deadly machines. Being in the open world, a player (or players) can explore the vast maps for clues on what happened to the people and find ways to be get rid of the invading machines. Between setting traps, finding gear, crafting better weapons and stealing tech from fallen enemies, there are plenty of ways to fight along with skills to manage as you grow your character into a hero of this strange land.

Generation Zero releases for the PS4 and PC March 26th, so find your friends and get ready to survive, explore and fight.