Get A Friend And Banish Evil To Hell Together In EXORCISE THE DEMONS

It’s been a while since we mentioned Exorcise the Demons from indie developers Midnight Games. This multiplayer game has friends working together in order to banish demons to hell and was first digested back in 2017 when I held an interview with the team. The game has come a long way since then and it looks amazing now!

This co-op based multiplayer game has a unique style that simply can’t be done alone. Well, there is a single-player mode, but the essence of the game lies on within the teamwork. The whole point of the game is to have players read from the mysterious Book of Rituals and conduct arcane rites on to stop the invasive forces from the depths of the void. In a twist, only one player can perform the rituals, and the other player is the only one able to read the book. Communication will be a mandatory part of this game, so get those mics charged up.

Basically, one player is in-game performing the actions needed to complete the rituals, while the other player reads from the Book of Rituals and guides them through the steps. Once the game starts you can’t switch roles, but when loading in you pick which side of the game you want to be on. As you play you'll learn more about the protagonists and the secrets of the void by studying prizes you earn as you complete rituals.

Exorcise the Demons has been officially released on Steam, so this demon banishing teamwork game is ready for you to dive in to. If you aren’t sure about getting it yet, you can see some of the action through their latest trailer: