Get A Glacier White PS4 Pro With DESTINY 2 Bundle

Playstation is throwing a bit of an early celebration with the announcement of a bundle deal of the new glacier white PS4 Pro console with Destiny 2! The first thing I checked for was the price, but they didn't list it unfortunately. However, they did state that it will be available as of September 6th, along with the launch of the Destiny 2 Beta access!

So this means that you own the game, but can only play with what is currently available. Good news is that you will have access to both Expansion I and II, which provides brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer and tons of new weapons, armor and gear! The only thing missing that would make this an even better deal is if they included the glacier white official Playstation headset.

However, the combination put together is still pretty sweet and looks pretty slick! The bundle includes:

  • Deluxe Edition copy of Destiny 2
  • Glacier White PS4 Pro
  • Glacier White Wireless Controller

On top of that, you will get a voucher for a DLC pack that gives you access to the Destiny 2 expansion pass and premium digital content:

  • Legendary sword
  • Legendary player emote
  • Cabal Empire themed emblem

I love the new color option myself, but then again I always end up putting a skin on my system. Do you plan on getting this? What do you think it is worth?

Source: Playstation Blog