Get A Look At Fresh Gameplay And Combat In THE BARD'S TALE IV

If you missed our news from a few months ago that The Bard's Tale franchise was getting a fourth game, you're all caught up now. Today, we give you a look at the game in progress (which looks phenomenal) and a look at the combat system! Keep in mind that this game is still a work in progress and both fans and developers alike have said they aren't crazy about the way characters pop in and out when they talk, although personally, I don't mind it. A lot of the humor and RPG style you love from the series is still there, and that's all I'm worried about really! 

Check out the new footage below. The Bard's Tale IV does not have a set release date, but from the looks of their website they've been making solid progress since their successful Kickstarter, and that's always promising.