Get A Look At The Colorful World Of New Bordeaux In Latest MAFIA III Trailer

From all we've seen online and at E3, Mafia III looks hands down the best entry in the series yet. We follow Lincoln Clay in 1968 as he brings the crime syndicate of New Bordeaux to it's knees in one fateful Summer. Today, we get a new trailer highlighting the many vastly different districts of the game, and they're all pretty amazing! Each one highlights a different aspect of the New Orleans it is based off of. The areas are as follows...

  • Delray Hollow- Neighborhood where Andrew Licoln (main character) grew up.
  • Frisco Fields- Rich part of New Bordeaux, supposedly full of racists
  • French Ward- Like the real world French Quarter essentially
  • Bayou Fantom- The sticks...
  • Pointe Verdun- The Irish part of town?
  • Southdowns- Blue Collar neighborhood
  • Barclay Mills- Industry district
  • Tickfaw Harbor- Another industry district
  • Downtown- Looks to be the largest area of the game
  • River Row- The ghetto

See all the districts below, and get the game October 7th!