Get A Quick Look At Mario's New Moves In SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Gameplay Footage

A new video has surfaced for Super Mario Odyssey that gives us a better look at Mario's move set! You'll only see about a minute and fifteen seconds of new footage in this short gameplay demonstration, but it's enough to give you a better feel for this unique game! 

It looks like Mario's movement is closer to Mario 64 than Super Mario Galaxy, and the hat mechanics give me that sense that we can expect some Super Mario Sunshine like power-ups as well. 

As for new moves, I'm fairly certain we have not seen the ground pound up to spin jump in a Mario game before. They've also redesigned Mario's backflip so it doesn't look like he's doing it off of a high dive! Overall our favorite plumber seems more fluid and realistic in his movement than he has in the past. 

In a way, he almost looks more cartoonish than he has in the past, but that's not at all a bad thing! The last thing I want to see is a photo realistic Mario in my game! Check out the new moves in the first part of the video and share your thoughts below.