Get To Know All About GTFO In This Detailed Video

It’s been awhile since 10 Chambers Collective have really shared much about their upcoming cooperative based horror FPS game GTFO, but now we have something that shows us everything we could want to know as it gets closer to launch. It was originally announced back at The Game Awards 2017, which it appeared to be a dungeon crawler style game with a horrific atmosphere. After watching this detailed developer video, I have to say that it seems to be exactly that, but with an in-depth story and reasoning. Check it out:

Working together has never been so crucial in a game as these guys are going to be making it in GTFO. From the slow paced, stealth action style gameplay to listening closely to the sounds around you and mixing it with the use of your tools in order to make it through each area successfully, your team needs to be on the same frequency.

The game is still set to release solely on PC during Spring of this year. That isn’t very far away and after watching this video, I am as hyped for it as I was when it was first announced!