Giovanni Is Back And Team Rocket Had A Mega Evolution In Latest POKEMON ULTRA SUN AND MOON Trailer


The de-facto leader of Team Rocket and Viridian City Gym Leader Giovanni will make his return in Pokemon Ultra Sun and UItra Moon, and he's rebooted his brand. Team Rocket is old news, and now Team Rainbow Rocket is what it's all about in this upgraded adventure. Check out the leader in action in the opening moments of this trailer and continue on below:

As you may have briefly seen in the trailer, Team Rainbow Rocket isn't the typical gang of goons from past entries in the series. With Giovanni comes a super team of the franchises biggest villains throughout Pokemon's 20-year history. I'd be lying if I said I knew who all of them were, but there's a poster that was released that fans can glance at and see who all is in tow:


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon launches November 17th and will be the final Pokemon title for 3DS. Will you be picking it up?