Giveaway: Get Your Own GT-X Pass During Our Live Streams The Weekend

It's been a rough week for those in Texas that are being, or have been, affected by Hurricane Harvey. While many rush to aid the Americans in their time of need, those of us at Gametyrant want to do anything we can to assist as well! We are going to be hosting a charity stream throughout this weekend!

Along with the notice of where we recommend donations go, we have thrown in a total of ten (10) winners to receive a 3-day Spectator Pass for our upcoming S-tier e-sports event, straight out of Utah and front running two Super Smash Bros competitions, the Gametyrant Expo (GT-X)! If you don't already know about this event, then check out the website and let the hype burn through you!

This is how it will work:

Anytime that you see anybody from the team going live on either Youtube or Twitch, there will be reminders said and links drop in chat for you to find where to both contribute to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund charity and get your name put in for a chance to win one of the ten free tickets! The last stream opportunity will be during this weeks Gametyrant Insiders podcast, which is ran every Sunday night at 10p.m. MT (midnight EST)!

So be sure to subscribe to our YouTube and follow our Twitch so you can get notice of whenever we go live! Besides, both subscribing and following will be entries into the giveaway as well!

GTX Logo Grad on Black.png

If you aren't about to stop by for the streams, but are still looking to donate to a trusted relief fund, check out the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund we are using! We look forward to seeing you there and joining us for the streams! Remember to drop comments and invite your friends to check out some awesome gameplay that's focused on a cause!