Giveaway: Indie Horror Game NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE

During my live stream of my show, Grave Tyrant, I will be giving away one code for the new indie defenseless horror game Near Death Experience by Distorted Games each show this week, with a special two code giveaway on Friday!

If you are not aware, Grave Tyrant is a one hour show that starts at 3pm EST Monday through Friday where I play through a horror game. I plan to start Monday off with the secret level in Slender: The Arrival and end on Friday with the Outlast DLC, Whistleblower, playing SOMA Tuesday through Thursday.

This stream will be on the Gametyrant Youtube; everybody else streams on Twitch though.

About Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience is a defenseless horror that will have you searching for the pieces you need to complete the levels while being chased by horrifying creatures. It's the kind of game that scares you while your still confused.

You will have to make your way through various areas with few hints. It is a difficult game, but for those skilled enough to get past it quickly, it will be a horrifying couple hours!

This game is on PC via Gamejolt and I am currently working getting my own review out for the game, but am not as skilled as I would of hoped and have found myself grabbed countless times.

How to Win the Contest

I would like to make it a rather simple contest, so there will only be two requirements:

  1. Comment during the live stream. Mandatory Comment: "I Subscribed"
  2. Subscribe to the Gametyrant Youtube

Good Luck!