Go Behind The Scenes In This CODE VEIN Developer Explanation Video

Understanding the thoughts of the developers behind a game often helps players know why the mechanics and aspects featured in the game are there. Bandai Namco is giving this opportunity to hear directly from the Code Vein developers in this first Behind the Scenes video. For those of us playing the Network Test, this is where we can see how the same developers of God Eater have managed to give us a whole different experience using similar elements.

I always enjoy hearing from the developers behind the games I enjoy most as it brings a reality aspect to the game. You can see what drove the passion behind the work that brought these games to be created. In this case, amping up the difficulty while giving similar gameplay aspects and mixing it with a unique, vampire-like story has shown a great change to the overall experience.

If you haven’t played the Network Test version yourself, another good note is all the gameplay being shown off in the video. You can see the different aspects of the game being used as they are discussing them. From basic attacks, to team work, and even the abilities that you unlock as you continue to progress further through Code Vein.