Go On A Sci-fi Action Adventure In WEAVERSE

Throwing players into a weird world with strange and dangerous surroundings is indie developer Yellow Cat-Rabbit. In their title Weaverse, players find themselves venturing through various locations through the use of teleporters as they try to understand where they are and what’s going on. The strange story is meant to unfold as various tasks are completed, but it seems that there is something big going on.

Weaverse is currently available on Steam’s Early Access and is expected to fully launch during Q3 2019. While the current version of the game offers a good chunk of the game and an extra game mode, the developer is hoping to bring out an even better experience that their game could offer, including weapon upgrades and a co-op multiplayer mode. To do this, they have partnered with Odd Branch Studio to help launch their Kickstarter with a small goal meant to provide actual voice actors, solidify the programming, and more - as explained in this announcement blog.

Whether or not the Kickstarter is a success, we can expect to see Weaverse finished later this year, but I have to say - a new co-op adventure sure does sound enticing! Plus, one of the rewards offers a Steam key for the game at a price lower than getting it directly off Steam. This is a game to keep your eye on as you won’t have to wait long to experience your own FPS sci-fi action adventure in this strange place.