GOD EATER 3 Features Multiplayer, Again, In Latest Trailer


It was back in October to Bandai Namco originally announced that they were going to have an 8-player co-op online multiplayer mode in God Eater 3. The gameplay video they featured showed a player fighting a beast with seven partner players. This time they have released a trailer to feature the multiplayer mode, which will have more than just the 8-player co-op mode. In fact, there is only the one mode - Assault Mission - that features the 8-player option.

They also quickly mention that you will be able to use customizable characters, which of course means there is a player customization mode in the game. We will get to personalize the incredible fighters that take Aragami’s down left and right this time! This trailer shows a good mix of gameplay and cinematics to drive the multiplayer into the same hype surrounding the already excited game launch next month!

I was already looking forward to playing through the single player mode, especially after hearing a bit more about the story through the English dubbed story trailer they shared last month. It seems to be as interesting as being able to fight along side so many companions is. It really shows that God Eater 3 will have the most to offer in the God Eater game series!

With God Eater 3 planned to launch February 8th on both PC and PlayStation 4, do you plan on getting your hands on it?