GOD EATER 3 Gets First English Story Trailer

Since the first reveal of God Eater 3 from Bandai Namco, up until this latest trailer, everything has been in Japanese with English subtitles. This time they have given us a trailer that is fully voiced in English! This means that the game itself is going to feature both Japanese and English dubbing for those who prefer one of the other.

Usually I would put these games in Japanese, that way I can have the anime viewer attitude that even the cheesy sounding lines come out sounding pretty awesome, but after watching this trailer I don’t think it will be necessary. The story seems pretty solid and there is little-to-no lines that seemed off. You can tell there was a lot of attention put into the story; or at least they are doing a great job presenting it that way!

It has been awhile since I was excited for an anime-styled game, but God Eater 3 looks more amazing with every announcement they send out. The only concern I really have is that it might end up being a cut scene heavy game with not enough gameplay, but we won’t know until it launches on February 8, 2019 on both PC and Playstation 4.

What are your thoughts on the story plot revealed for the next God Eater installment?