GOD EATER 3 Launch Trailer Brings The Hype


If you weren’t already excited for the launch of God Eater 3 by Bandai Namco, then their launch trailer is sure to help put the hype in you! This game is sure to be action packed and this time it isn’t simply hunting down the Aragami. The world is in danger and you are converting yourself into a legendary God Eater because without you, along with your small team of fellow Eaters, the end will come.

Giving a brief on the ultimate story of God Eater 3 and featuring multiple, enormous enemy creatures, this launch trailer is nothing short of epic. Check it out:

I was already excited to dive into the world of God Eater, but now I can’t wait to take down the Aragami that threaten the world. The only thing I would have changed in this trailer is the music, as it doesn’t match the energy that is shown in the amount of action on the screen. The main thing to take away is that God Eater 3 is available now on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Have you already picked up your own copy of this action packed RPG?