GOD EATER 3 Release Date Revealed In Latest Trailer

The anticipated third addition to the God Eater series has been gaining interest of both new and returning players. With plenty of impressive gameplay showing off how players will be facing multiple enormous enemies and taking down the evil bringing desolation to civilization, what is there not to be excited about?

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for God Eater 3, this time showing off more gameplay and providing the official release date of February 8, 2019 for PC and PlayStation 4. Without much more of a wait until launch, check out some more epic fights and a bit of story in the new trailer:

To top off the good news, there is promise that God Eater 3 will include:

  • A robust character creator

  • Brand new giant enemies to slay alone or with a group of allies

  • All-new weapons and dynamic battle mechanics

  • An engrossing storyline

  • Dual Japanese and English voice acting

These options show that they are reaching a wider audience with their next title and will likely improve the gameplay from what fans experienced in previous titles. Bringing a story driven experience in both Japanese and English dubbing that also lets players fight multiple enemies solo or partied up; I don’t see what more we could ask for!

Are you excited for God Eater 3 to be starting off 2019?