GOD OF WAR Is Now The PS4's Fastest-Selling Exclusive

God of War, the latest installment in the franchise after a five-year hiatus, is no doubt a critical success for Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. After spending two weeks in the market, Sony was proud to reveal that God of War has already achieved a significant sales milestone. 

Sony announced via a post on the PlayStation Blog, God of War was able to sell 3.1 million units of the game three days after its release worldwide. This achievement means that the game now holds the title of the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive game of all time. 

The head developer of Sony Santa Monica, Shannon Studstill, shared a touching message to fans thanking them on God of War’s latest achievement.

“I would like to personally thank the millions of fans around the world who decided to embark on Kratos’ latest adventure with us,” Studstill said. “We look forward to hearing more about how fans are creating new memories of their favorite God of War gameplay moments that will be remembered for a long time.”

Much of God of War’s success stems from the numerous changes that the developers carefully introduced in the game. For this title, we say Kratos’ change of personality from a cliched killing machine, to a flawed and well fleshed out character. Furthermore, the game introduced significant changes in the combat system such as the disposal of Kratos’ signature Blades of Chaos for the Leviathan Axe. 

During the game’s release last April 20, the game was met with almost perfect reviews from critics. In our own God of War Review, we were amazed by the revitalization of the series "This reboot of the franchise symbolizes the transition of God of War into a more modern gaming age. Every new feature that was introduced in this latest installment benefited the game for the better."

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