GOLDEN TREASURE: THE GREAT GREEN Lets You Live Out Your Dragon Fantasies!

When I was young, I dreamt of what it would be like to be a dragon. To spread my wings and soar through the sky. To breath fire in great big bursts of orange, yellow and crimson. For centuries we have romanticized the idea of dragons, given them elements and even language in some cases. Long, muscular and lithe bodies dancing through the sky, or sturdy ancient bodies guarding the earth itself, we have given dragons many faces and variations. One thing that holds true for all we have built them up to be, the pure untamed majesty of nature personified.

The creators, Dreaming Door, bring to you Golden Treasure: The Great Green. In a role-playing game unlike anything I’ve seen before, you ARE a dragon. You do not become a dragon, you were not cursed or transformed through a mythical process and certainly not a cartoony purple fire breather either. You will live, eat, love and die all that is to be a dragon. The choices are yours and yours alone as you learn to stretch your wings and feel the ember inside you growing with every choice you make. Mastering the elements means mastery over yourself and allows you to progress further as you choose each path you take. Every choice is yours as you grow and mature.


In a completely hand painted world, Dreaming Door has crafted a brilliant landscape to lose and immerse yourself in. In the first of 5 Golden treasure games, The Great Green promises to stretch your wings as you battle through a complex combat system, hunt to sustain yourself and to explore rich labyrinths to increase your hoard of treasure.

Dreaming door calls it “deep roleplaying”, I call it a gift unlike any I have seen so far. If you are as excited as I am to sink my claws into this, then check out the demo already on Steam. Then join me later when it is released and live out your dreams as one of mythology's greatest creatures.

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