GRAND THEFT AUTO V Photo Realism Mod Will Melt Your Brain

The headline says it all! There is no arguing that Grand Theft Auto V is a beautiful game, especially with the new generation re-release. But when it comes to PC gaming, graphics can truly know no limits. The mind (and possibly GPU) melting mod, titled The  Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project, has some very impressive features built in. It is so much more than just an "enhancement" mod. It comes packaged with amazing 4K resolution textures, improved volumetric lighting effects on weather changes, and even additional shadowing effects from guns to particle effects near the player.

Above is a trailer of the project in action, which I highly recommend watching full screen. If you've got a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, and a powerhouse PC that can handle it then check out the mod for yourself! You'll be glad you did!

Source: DSOG

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