GRIM DAWN: ASHES OF MALMOUTH is a Necromancer's Dream

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Love for Necros

Why is that so many action RPGs and MMOs try to raise from the dead (!) the fantastic Necromancer class from the Diablo II days yet usually fail so miserably? Well, fear no more Necro lovers because the folks at Crate Entertainment have released the first expansion pack, Ashes of Malmouth, for the already excellent Grim Dawn available on Steam, GOG, and other digital platforms. Besides the awesome Inquisitor class, the Necromancer class is really the showpiece for this inexpensive but delicious piece of content and class types.

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That's right, for only $17.99, you can dive into the expansion of the already huge game. I love ARPGs, Diablo clones, whatever you want to call them and Grim Dawn and Crate are quickly rising to the top of the list IMHO. Check it out on the Steam store now!

Expansion Pack Features:

  • Level Cap Increased to 100 - Reach for ever greater power with an increased level cap of 100 and an increased Devotion cap of 55!
  • Two New Class Masteries – Unleash your vengeance upon the enemies of humanity with two new Masteries: the Inquisitor and the Necromancer, both of which can be combined with the base game’s Masteries, nearly doubling the possible combinations!
  • Two Story Chapters - Confront the devious Aetherials and their twisted abominations in the fallen city of Malmouth as you push forward alongside the Black Legion and Inquisitor Creed in two epic Chapters!
  • Transform Your Appearance – A brand-new Illusionist Service NPC enables you to transform the appearance of your equipment and customize your ideal look! Draw upon every item in your collection across all characters!
  • New Environments - Explore new parts of Cairn to the north of Burrwitch and beyond! Traverse the treacherous forest of Gloomwald and the murky Ugdenbog as you seek passage to the fallen city of Malmouth.
  • Four Factions - New Factions provide more opportunities to make allies…and enemies. Earn their favor to unlock unique rewards, or become a nemesis to spawn powerful foes.
  • 14 Constellations - Unleash the might of the Arkovian Gods with 14 new Devotion Constellations that open up even more combinations in Grim Dawn’s massive constellation map.
  • Collect Hundreds of New Items - Dozens of new Monster Infrequents and Hundreds of Epic and Legendary items are waiting to be added to your collection! Combine them with the new Illusion System to create a look unique to you!
  • Item Skill Modifiers - Transmute and empower your Mastery skills using new modifiers found exclusively on equipment.
  • New Nemesis and Super Bosses - Tackle all-new vicious threats and earn their unique loot. Discover Cairn’s secrets to summon supremely powerful foes.
  • A New Rogue-Like Dungeon - A fourth Rogue-Like dungeon is coming in a free update, shortly after release, featuring the corrupting presence of the Aetherials and the Chthonians upon the beasts of Cairn.
  • Expanded Stash - Stow away precious treasure with a vastly expanded Personal Stash and an additional Shared Stash Tab.
  • Reset Your Attributes and Mastery Bar - Find a new type of potion that allows you reset your Attribute Points. Speak to a Spirit Guide to unlearn the Mastery Bar down to one point.