GRIM DAWN FORGOTTEN GODS Expansion Launches with a Sweet New Class

An Action RPG Not to Be Forgotten

It’s absolutely no secret that the Action RPG genre is by far my favorite genre with the Diablo, Titan Quest, Path of Exile, and most of all, Grim Dawn series, we’ve had some amazing click-click-click type of loot filled gaming the past few years even if the Diablo series has stumbled as of late. We absolutely loved the core game built by ex-Titan Quest devs, Crate Entertainment. Followed up not long after with the excellent Ashes of Malmouth expansion, now, the latest adventure from Crate is Forgotten Gods and it has a ton of new content for a very fair price.

All Hail the Oathkeeper!

Along with new weapons, armors, lands to explore, and baddies to slaughter, Forgotten Gods also brings us the Shield-slinging Oathkeeper that so far, is a powerful and utter blast of a class to play. The sheer variety of classes and builds available in the game is stellar and for such a small crew of devs, is polished, meaty and feels just right.

Even better, the base game of Grim Dawn is on sale on Steam for $6,25 - At that price, it’s a crime NOT to buy such a meaty game for the price of a crappy fast food burger. Ashes of Malmouth is also on sale and is required for Forgotten Gods. While many AAA games are still charging $59.99, I’ve gotten more entertainment out of Grim Dawn for a fraction of the price. The base game and all expansions are available on Steam now.